Messiah College Channel 13

During my fall 2013 semester, I starred in content for The Pulse: Messiah College Media Hub as part of my media lab practicum. The following videos were all filmed by my practicum classmate, Caroline Phillips.

Although I starred in all of these segments, this doesn’t mean I don’t know how to work behind-the-scenes! I have experience in filming and with editing via Final Cut Pro 10.

Even though high-end cosmetics are luxurious, many college girls are on a strict budget. Therefore, it’s more economical to buy drugstore products in order to stay on budget. In this video, I give my top makeup recommendations when it comes to products available at the drugstore. Caroline edited this video, which included embedding the music, title sequence and cutlines. This was the first video we made during our practicum.

The second video we created is all about the “Do’s and Don’ts” of your first tattoo. Since I always seem to get questions from friends and strangers about what it’s like to get a tattoo and what the experience was like, I thought I would share my advice for our viewers.

The mission of this video was to give girls high-end product recommendations in time for Christmas, when we’re willing to spend a little more money on special gifts. I mention my favorite brands, specific products and insider tips about each. The editing in this video was done by my classmate Danielle Burkett and myself, and this was our last video project of the semester together.

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