I joined the team in January 2015. The editors of the site originally discovered me through an application I submitted for a role in beauty editorial. After offering the beauty contributor position to another amazing candidate, they asked me if I wanted to join in their initiative to rebrand their lifestyle and culture section.

I was able to cover special interest topics in both London and Boston, and we launched my “Jen Tries” series during summer 2015. This allows me to step out of my comfort zone by trying an activity I’ve never done before, and then writing about it. 

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The Top Celebrity-Approved Hot Spots in London

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A Latte with a Shot of Photography: Camera Cafe London

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5 Exciting Activities Happening in Boston This Summer 

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3 Easy, No-Bake BBQ Treats for the 4th of July

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Jen Tries: Acupuncture 

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Jen Tries: Spin Class

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Jen Tries: Pure Barre

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5 Mistake-Proof Gift Ideas for College Women

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3 Boston Winter Date Ideas for You and Your Sweetie

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Atlanta-Based Ambos Combines Ethical Fashion and Craftsmanship

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Jen Tries: The Diva Cup

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Jen Tries: Thinx

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Jen Tries: Running a 5K Race

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Jen Tries: BeautyBlender Liner Designer

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Understand Your Brand

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